Full-Time Divorce & Custody Associate Attorney

  • Do you love helping clients thrive in divorce and custody cases?
  • Do you love focusing on higher-level lawyering and having an awesome team help you with everything else?
  • Do you love the flexibility of working from home?
  • Are you ready to make this your year to THRIVE personally and professionally?

If so, you may have just found your dream opportunity!

At Farias Family Law, we are a small but growing family law firm looking for a Superstar Full-Time Associate Divorce and Custody Attorney in MA Divorce and Custody with 3+ years experience in the practice area.

We’re looking for someone who loves listening to people going through a difficult time to figure out what they really want; helping them create a plan to reach their goals; working collaboratively with team members and the client; and executing the plan with strategy, negotiations and representation that optimizes the client’s chances of getting what they need and want for themselves and their families.

Maybe you’re at a firm and feel underappreciated, stuck, aren’t feeling the culture or want to earn more and want a higher ceiling. Or maybe you are operating your own firm and are tired of dealing with the business stuff: chasing money, managing other staff, managing the workload, and dealing with other business problems.

The position is full-time, 40 hrs/wk, and the pay is $75,000 – $135,000 per year, depending on skill and experience.

The work is mostly done remotely, but requires you to be within reasonable driving distance of the Plymouth, Norfolk, and/or Bristol County MA Probate and Family Courts for court events. We will do our best to keep you assigned to cases closest to the courts near your home.

You focus on high-level legal strategy and working the cases while your paralegal and admin team help you with everything else.

The position is also a perfect launching point for more advanced admin, management and leadership positions at the firm.

We are a growing business, and we’re committed to taking care of our team members and creating opportunities for them to grow and thrive.

We run a mostly virtual operation, but have some staff in our main office in Fall River, MA.

We are dedicated to finding the right fit for our team of A+ players. Please read this full ad and if it resonates with you, this might be the ideal opportunity for you. If you don’t love everything here, it might be best to save your time and pursue another opportunity.

We’re committed to making this an awesome company to work for, delivering awesome service to clients, and to constantly improving as individuals and as a team. Our core values are Wellness, Excellence, Service, Integrity, and Teamwork.

Wellness is our lead core value. We prioritize our physical and mental health, which puts us in a better position to enjoy life, work, and effectively help our clients. We facilitate the creation of a great work/life balance so that you can work hard, feel satisfied, and make a great living, but also spend time with the people you love and doing what you enjoy.

We’re committed to Excellence – to improving as individuals and as a team so that we can be the best at what we do. We facilitate personal and professional development, so that everyone is constantly learning, growing and improving. And while we have fun, we also believe in Systems and Key Performance Indicators, so that we work in a streamlined fashion and drive great results.

We offer elite client Service. Happy clients are at the core of every successful business. Our clients come to us in difficult times. So we lead with empathy and compassion and are committed to turning their experience positive. We know there are always better ways, and we encourage our team to use creativity and passion to help drive new ideas and streamlined procedures so that we are constantly improving our service and results.

We operate with the highest degree of Integrity. We’re open and honest with ourselves and each other, and we do it from a position of love and caring. Each team member holds themselves and their teammates accountable, so there is complete transparency, and we all know what we need to do to be A+ players and an A+ team.

Finally, we recognize that great Teamwork is one of the keys to a successful operation. The whole is always stronger than the sum of its parts. So we nurture a great culture and team spirit. We have fun and celebrate growth and success. We’re there for each other and work closely together to grow and thrive and deliver awesome service to clients.

We have a clear business plan and a robust marketing plan to give us stability and spur growth, which equals more opportunity for everyone individually and the business.

Because we’re a growing firm, we’re constantly honing our skills and learning new ways. We embrace change and challenges with enthusiasm and optimism. We expect greatness and are willing to help you get there. And we are committed to finding the best of the best who love what they do and want to be on this mission with us!

Summary of who we are looking for: *
Our Full-Time Divorce and Custody Associate Attorney is someone who loves listening to people going through a difficult time to figure out what they really want; helping them devise a plan that helps them reach their goals; sharing that plan with the team and working collaboratively with them on it; and executing the plan with strategy, negotiations and representation that optimizes the clients’ chances of getting what they need and want.

1. Legal Analysis, Strategy and Planning, including working closely with the client and team so everyone’s on the same page and working cohesively.
2. Working closely with the paralegals on advising and educating the Client so that the Client fully understands the options and can make a fully-informed decisions
3. Overseeing discovery and legal documents drafted by our paralegals and providing feedback and guidance to create a stronger work product and streamline the process.
4. Preparing memos to the file throughout the case to apprise the Client and paralegals of the status and next steps so everyone understands the plan.
5. Negotiation and Litigation, including in person hearings at designated courts
6. Creation of billable time entries that convey the forward movement of the case with the client and the team.

Key Skills: *

  • Empathetic and able to Actively Listen
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Creativity in devising case plans that optimize the client’s chances of reaching his/her goals
  • Negotiation & Litigation skills
  • Proficiency with technology
  • Ability to work effectively with Teammates

Requirements: *

  • Passion about helping people going through divorce and custody issues.
  • Strong communication and people skills
  • Commitment to elite service, integrity, teamwork, and desire for personal and professional growth
  • 3+ years experience in handling MA Divorce and Custody cases

How will this job help you?*

  • Boost your income
  • Work mostly remotely with the exception of attending court events
  • Become a better practitioner by benefiting from our vast knowledge base and trainings
  • Opportunity for advancement to management and leadership positions
  • We have an awesome work culture and have fun working together!

To apply, please email jobs@fariasfamilylaw.com with the Subject Line reading “I am your next Superstar Associate Attorney.” Please attach 1) A cover letter explaining why you’re the best candidate for this position, 2) your Resume, 3) a list of 5 references including both employers and other people who have personally worked with you and 4) A list of links to your Social Media accounts.

No additional emails, phone calls or walk-ins. Failure to follow instructions will result in a rejected application.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $75,000.00 – $135,000.00 per year